The Workout

Our signature classes were inspired by our founder’s favorite boutique and group exercise classes that she missed after returning to Traverse City after living in the Southeast for 16 years. After trying other classes locally and not quite finding what she was looking for, as well as streaming workouts, but missing the camaraderie of the live classes, not to mention not being able to fit the Megaformer™ in her home, the vision of trans·form [tc] was created. Our signature method offers the best of so many amazing group exercise classes and features the Megaformer™ , which you will not find anywhere else in the area. Additionally, you get them all in one studio, and with only one membership.

Blending the Megaformer™ with coached circuits on Freemotion Reflex treadmills, WaterRowers, TRX suspension trainers, barre, boxing, and battle ropes ensures that you will enjoy an epic workout that will burn, sculpt, and transform your body while releasing MEGA endorphins in the process. The endless variety and balanced approach to fitness that is created by incorporating the Megaformer with the other methods is truly unique. Our signature method blends the best versions of other methods that will truly transform the fitness community in Northern Michigan.

The Tools

The Megaformer™ M3

The Megaformer has been described as the “ultimate training machine” and we are the only studio outside of the Detroit metropolitan area to have it in Michigan. It is unlike any other workout or equipment that you have ever experienced and athletes and celebrities are obsessed with it. The Megaformer™ has been often compared to a “Pilates reformer on steroids.” It is comprised of two platforms and a gliding, spring-loaded carriage between them, as well as cables for incorporating upper body strength training. It is similar to a Pilates reformer but, while still low-impact and core-focused, the intensity is increased and the options are endless, allowing for a truly full-body workout that will sculpt your entire body. The variable resistance, along with slow and controlled movements, will sculpt a stronger version of you. It is effective and addictive!

The Lagree Fitness™ Method is a multi-faceted workout that combines resistance training and cardio into one comprehensive, balanced system to strengthen, sculpt and tone the body. The gliding carriage makes low-impact exercises such as lunges instantly more challenging because of the additional instability and extra resistance. It is core-intensive and works stabilizing muscles that you never even knew you had. The Megaformer™ will make you EMBRACE THE SHAKE while it builds your muscular endurance and strength.

Freemotion Reflex Treadmill

After being spoiled by this treadmill and it’s REFLEX cushioning at Orangetheory ™ , we knew that we couldn’t use any other treadmill for our signature classes. The patented REFLEX deck absorbs shock, reducing the impact on our joints, and actually makes us want to run on a treadmill. The powerful fans in the console make us run faster and longer. The incline which reaches 15% challenges our runs in ways we didn’t even know were possible. Our coached intervals on the treadmills are modifiable for all fitness levels, even if you don’t consider yourself a “runner.”


Rowing is a low-impact, but highly effective method of enhancing cardiovascular endurance and conditioning, as well as maximizing caloric burn. Almost every muscle in your body, 84% of them to be exact, are used during the stroke. Additionally, the soothing sound and motion of rowing through water can also be extremely meditative.


Barre exercises will be incorporated into our signature mega·sculpt classes and will further target the core, as well as the muscles in your thighs , glutes and arms from all angles. Barre movements create amazing definition and strengthen our underutilized muscles with small isometric movements. Coupled with the Megaformer™ , the barre will even further intensify the shake!

Battle Ropes

One of the latest fitness trends, battle ropes are a tool that have long been used by athletes to train their core and upper body. The dynamic, high intensity movements strengthen your body while improving cardiovascular fitness. Using the ropes during our strength circuits will add to the intensity.


Besides the obvious benefits to physical health that boxing provides, the mental benefits that boxing provides rival any workout. There is just something about boxing that relieves stress, transforming it into power, strength and resilience. It is highly therapeutic for many.


TRX is a form of suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. The TRX SuspensionTrainer is a performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight. Adjusting your body position can increase or decrease resistance, and therefore, it is appropriate for all fitness levels.

BOSU, mini bands, gliders, slam balls, weights, kettlebells and more

Our signature classes will utilize all the “fun toys” in our classes, as well as free weights for an endless variety of options for building strength and transforming your muscles.

The Classes


Meet The Megaformer™ and join us for a personalized 30 minute core-centric sculpting class focusing on the essentials of the Lagree Fitness™ Method. Developed by Sebastien Lagree, Lagree Fitness™ was developed in Los Angeles and incorporates high intensity but low impact strength training on the patented Megaformer™. The science behind the workout focuses on slow movements maximizing the time under tension. Get ready to embrace the shake and the slow pace! This class will prepare you for our signature circuit classes.  It is highly recommended that you take this before one of our circuit classes.


This signature class was what was originally envisioned when the concept of trans•form [tc] was created. All elements of fitness are integrated in one class. Cardiovascular training to build endurance, resistance training to build muscular strength and endurance, core stability training and flexibility. This 45 or 60 minute circuit class includes the best of all of the methods and equipment. You will sculpt and tone your body on The Megaformer™ and with strength-based equipment exercises including TRX Suspension Trainers™, free weights, kettlebells, bands and weighted balls. You will also increase your heart rate, strengthening your cardiovascular functioning, maximizing caloric burn, releasing MEGA endorphins and building cardiovascular endurance during blocks on the treads, rowers, battle ropes and boxing. Finishing with a restorative stretch or use the foam rollers and balls for a self-myofascial release. 


Embrace the shake with mega•sculpt. A barre and Pilates class intensified by the addition of the Megaformer™. Focusing on your center core, obliques, thighs, glutes, biceps and triceps with circuits on The Megaformer™, floor and at the barre to build long, lean muscles. This class will also incorporate additional props including bands, gliders, stability balls and more.  If you love barre classes, this is the class for you!


Want to sculpt and tone your core, glutes, thighs and upper body? This 45 or 60 minute resistance and strength class is for you. Be ready for circuits on the Megaformer™, TRX, kettlebells and free weights to strengthen the muscles in your core, legs and arms without the cardio circuits.


Short on time, or looking for an emphasis on the core muscles? This 30 or 45 minute core-centric sculpting class, combining The Megaformer™ and intensified core training tools to sculpt and strengthen the center core and obliques, in addition to cardio circuits to define those six-pack muscles is the answer. Cardio and core only! Small props will be incorporated including stability balls, TRX, bands, pilates magic circles and gliders. 


Release, recover and restore. Let go of muscular tension utilizing foam rollers, balls and additional self-myofascial release tools combined with stretching in this 30 minute class.  Benefits of self-myofascial release include loosening tight muscles, decreased risk of muscular injury, increased range of motion and decreasing the time it takes for your muscles to recover.