The Team

Favorite MEGA move:
” Twister. I love the targeted oblique work while maintaining long and strong arms and legs.”
Self-care ritual:
“My self-care ritual prioritizes two basic things, sleep and hydration. A good night’s rest and lots of water help me maintain the energy that I need all day.”
What inspires me:
” I am inspired by all the women in my life who take time out of their busy lives to prioritize their physical and mental health.”
Meaning of “best version of you”:
” I am the best version of myself when I am in motion. Whether that’s moving my body in a trans·form class or traveling to a new location, my mind is most calm and confident when I am changing.”

Emily was born and raised in Traverse City and is a Michigan State grad. Prior to returning to Traverse City in November of 2017, she spent several years in Austin, TX, Washington, D.C. and Chicago working in the IT industry. Upon returning to Traverse City, she took the leap to follow her lifelong passion and pursue a career in health and fitness. She is a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through AFAA, and she thrives on empowering clients and being a part of their health and wellness transformation.
Favorite MEGA move:                   
“I LOVE scrambled eggs! While it’s technically an oblique exercise, it works your booty, arms and all of those tiny stabilizer muscles that are so hard to reach.”
Self-care ritual:                               
“Feeding myself well and getting plenty of sleep. I love to cook and really enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and meal prepping. I am also a pro sleeper, you can catch me trying for those eight hours every night.”
What and who inspires me:         
“I try to surround myself with inspiring people. I am constantly inspired by my co-workers, my friends and most importantly my husband. I am inspired by people’s desire to keep learning and challenging themselves.”
Meaning of “best version of you” :
“Being happy and confident. It’s hard not to get caught up in placing your worth in your looks or your accomplishments. But, being kind, both to yourself and others, is my version of your best self. ”

Favorite MEGA move: “
“Catfish with the push up. I love this because it is primarily a core movement that then has an upper body focus, which is the area that I love to work the most!”
Self-care ritual:
“My version of self-care always involves the outdoors! I regularly paddle board (year round!) and am an avid rock hunter. I am always chasing the sun, and that brings me peace.”
Who inspires me:
“My mother, she is the most hard working and selfless individual that I have ever met. We could all take a lesson in dedication from her!”
Meaning of “best version of you”:
“Constant self-improvement. I live by the motto of “feel the fear and do it anyway!” Nothing ever grows in comfort zones. Constantly push yourself to evolve into something or someone better than you were yesterday.”